Types of Locks

August 23, 2018, Author: zirvedergileri

You might not have noticed, but there are many types of locks other than your usual home padlock. There are different types of locks for various types of security, such as from a regular lock on a chest all the way to a heavy-duty safe lock that requires multiple procedures of unlocking before you could get through the safe door. Examples of popular padlocks you see every day are knob locks, lever handle locks, deadbolts, and so on. Padlocks may seem like a complex device where the inner mechanism is like a maze to be solved, but they have very simple mechanics that is not difficult to understand.

Padlocks are a portable type of lock that can be attached through any loops without being permanently placed. They are most often square shaped with a one-sided detachable U shaped metal hook that can be locked and unlocked. Some padlocks have a password system which allows you to place your own pin in order to unlock it instead of using a key.

On the other hand, knob locks have round shaped knows where you can easily unlock it by inserting the key in the center and turning it. Commonly found in homes, knob locks also have a button for easy locking, but you’ll need a key or have someone rotate the knob from the inside to unlock the door.

Deadbolts are also commonly used for homes usually placed on external doors. These locks often accompany knob locks as having one type of lock on a door can easily make your home vulnerable. Unlike knob locks, deadbolts do not have the ability to turn to unlock but require solely a key for unlocking.

There are many more types of locks that can be found anywhere. But questions such as “Where do I find a Key Smith” or “where to get keys near me”, a quick internet search may show you that a solution is just a few blocks away from your home.

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